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All my vocaloid covers! ☆ミ (and secret ones ewe)

Heyoo!! it's me felix! recently i've been getting into vocaloid covers! specially luka ones (bc she's my favourite vocaloid like ever). Since i'm new at this, my tuning isn't so special, i don't really I stand out in anything BUT! i like to pick songs that don't have any or just 1 luka cover, so luka lovers can enjoy different versions made by different plp with different tuning. SOOOOOOOOO HERE GOES THE LIST!!! from newest to oldest to not released too!





【Megurine Luka】 神っぽいな(God-ish)

my best one yet lol

【GAKUPO/LUKAカバー】ラビットホール (Rabbit Hole)

ehhh could be better


i really like this one but idk if id use luka soft


i hate the tuning i made for her she sounds so robotic








Crime and Punishment - Sheena Ringo

I haven't decided which singer to use but i'm between Rin and Una

here's a sneak peak!

N ah ah - SLAVE.V-V-R

Singer: Luka soft

Sooo this is a song i've been cooking up for a while, however, this is one of the covers i have actually made the base, but my timing with notes is so BAD, so yeah, i have it tuned but the timing is so bad xDU

Art is Dead - Bo burnham

Singer: Luka straight ENGLISH

Here, i'm also making the base, and the timing is better but ehhh, still bad, however, i didn't even finish it LOL sooooo

Unravel - Tooru kitajima

Singer: Luka hard??

This one has the WORST timing of all xDD i've kinda gave up on it since i'm finish other covers, but soon... and the question marks is bc since i've ''gotten more vocaloids''' (yep legally yep yep) i might do other one

ME!ME!ME! - teddyloid

Singer: Luka soft

I have the energy to finish, the timing is horrible, i can't- here's the download if you want to finish it LOL (you kinda have to give me credits if you actually make it better) it's a VSQx in kana, if you want to convert to other vocaloid programs or utau use

ME!ME!ME unfinished and horrible VSQx for download pipipi






Ofc i'm going to keep doing more covers!! but for now that's it. I want to have like a brand to my covers so when people hear them they go like ''ahhh!! felix made it'' but i'm not that good yet sooooooo i'll keep working ig. If you want to listen to my covers I upload it to youtube, bitview and nico nico!! You'll have to follow me in all of them bc some i only upload it only in one page (to kinda make it exclusive(???'' although I will upload some clips on tiktok





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disorder jean

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cuando seas famoso recuerdame

btw podrias hacer siqueres un cover de lagrima de onepixcel solodigo aokoqepwldpfj

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De qué

by ItzaFelix; ; Report

no ps de bocaloid, nose ponele miku o luka

by disorder jean; ; Report

No hay crack de miku v4 pipiipipi el link lo tiraron

by ItzaFelix; ; Report


𝐻𝒜𝐼𝐿𝐸𝒴 𝒢𝐿𝒪𝒪𝑀𝐼𝐸's profile picture

WOAH THESE ARE SO SICK!! You're talented!! I've been wanting to experiment with vocaloid voice banks when doing music production stuff, but not sure if I'm going to be able to do it on Mac OS( ╥ω╥ )

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If you get vocaloid legally yeah i think you can have it on MAC, but cracks for MAC are non existent lol, but I hope you can get into vocaloid!!

by ItzaFelix; ; Report

lol my heart is BROKENNN