You guys are so cool what

I was honestly a bit afraid coming here because of anxiety but all of you guys seem so awesome oh my gosh 😭😭🩷 I also had so much fun creating my profile <3 its kind of a mess rn since I chose a bunch of random things.

Something random I'm happy about though 

I MIGHT GET HAIR EXTENSIONS.. which is so fun honestly because I can't really have scene hair ( because of sensory issues and all that ) so I'm at least able to have something to make me fit my style more. I'm so happy <3

Also random question too, how do I add images?? I don't know how to exactly do it. I really want to post art on here and stuff!!! 

Thanks for reading 🩷🩷🩷🩷

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To add an image you click the image button on the blog writing screen and paste in the image link. This means the image has to already be in the internet for you to right click it and copy the image link. I use my tumblr drafts for this but some people use imgur

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well your page is cool dw

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Thank you!!

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