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horsing around for a friday night

sOMEtimes I FEEL POOPY AT WORK, TODAY WAS QUITE THE CASE OF POOP. SOMETIMES I GET TO BOARD OR TIRED TO KEEP DOING DISHES SO I TAKE LONG "POOP" BRAKES. POOPING ON COMPANY TIME IS the best way to get a bonus break without getting in trouble. THERE IS SO MANY FUN ACTIVITIES TO DO IN A BATHROOM STALL, ESPECIALLY IF YOU BRING YOUR FRIENDS. today i played monopoly with my friend earl IN THE STALL. IT WAS A BLAST AND MADE MY DAY GO FROM BORING TO EXCITING WITHIN ONE QUICK TRIP TO THE TOILET. I hope this blog was educational and I hope you take some of my tips to use in your own personal life. Feel free to give kudos if this blog helped you.

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