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i watched two horror movies today i liked them both, they were evil dead rise and scream 2.

im considering watching more tonight because why not. though i should make sure i leave some time to practice my guitar due to the fact its already almost 12 am and i haven't practiced very much today

im thinking ill watch scream 3 after this then scream 4 if i can because i heard scream 4 was really good.

i watched hostel a few days ago and i didnt like it very much. but i didnt want to say that incase people wouldn't agree with me but i checked r/horror and im not the only one so im okay with saying that now. i just wasn't a fan of the torturing and the excessive and unnecessary amounts of boobs and sex and stuff, i liked oli though.

tomorrow in animal crossing etoile will move to island officially (shes already here just unpacking) im very happy about that.

when i was younger i watched "The Woman in the House Across the Street from the Girl in the Window' and my silly little brain really liked it and genuinely thought it was good. but i recently discovered it was a parody and alot of people didnt like it. i liked it when i was younger because i didn't predict the ending at all. i'm thinking of re watching to see if ill like it as much as i did back then.

i love my cat pinky so very much shes my little muffin sparkle berry i want to eat her alive

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