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this iz pretty short because im lazy but heres the basic stuff!

-rasist n antisemitist people or homophobic or transphobic people / anti LGBTQ+, ableist ppl, generally all ppl who think some group of people are somehow bad or gross or sumthing

-pedophiles/maps, zoophiles

-furry haters or scene/emo/alt haters, anyone who hatez someone bcuz of their style or calls people "cringe"

-people who romantize mental illnesses, self harm, gore or murderers/bad people in general

-people who joke abt r@pe

umm yea i cant think of more but i can always edit this :P

im also a minor, so if youre over 18 i might not add you back but ofc im okay with you being my friend for as long as youre not a creep!

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