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hiii ><

sooooo I don't use spacehey for blogging I always use this site just for have a cute profile but some days ago I wanted have a blog just to say things bout my life when I'm bored, so hellooooo ^_^

let's start with a little question: what food do you least like? :3

me: bananas, it's just horrible

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Depends in general I can eat anything if it's prepared well enough EXCEPT for ONE it's umm I have no idea how you say it in English or even if it has a English name (Google translate says "Goulash" but that doesn't sound correct to me..) sooo it's Gulaš.

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ohh I've never heard of that,, where are you from? Σ(O_O)

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I just ate a banana 0_0,, but for me coconut. I cant stand it!!! >:P

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COCONUT IS HORRIBLE TOOOO but is more acceptable than a banana ( ̄  ̄|||)

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