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my theatre history! (also my sibling's but who cares about them)

i know literally no one asked for this but who cares, i want to share my history of being in musicals! (yes, exclusively musicals for some reason)

so when i was ten i was in our elementary school's wizard of oz production. i played as the tin man and i did great, like it was a train wreck don't get me wrong (i fed the scarecrow his lines ON STAGE) but it was fun! my sibling got the barrister lmaoo

i took a two year break from productions because of the pandemic, but when i was thirteen i played in beauty and the beast as maurice! my sibling was babette (the feather duster or whatever)

in freshman year and since, we've had two musicals a year. the fall show was addams family where i was a gambler ancestor (that was my most fun performance imo) and in spring we did willy wonka where i was an oompa-loompa! that was also fun but kind of a mess

this year we did footloose in the fall. this one was special for me because i was originally ensemble but i had a seizure in august and got put in crew. but i was the chairman (haha get it?) so there's that, and in early april we're doing legally blonde where i'm a harvard student! i get to wear a pantsuit whoopee!!

i hope next year our lineup is spongebob and shrek tbh, those would be so much fun!

edit: my sibling does plays at the middle school as well as one musical every year. my freshman year they were the white rabbit for alice in wonderland as well as mrs. darbus for high school musical! this year they played as tessie in the lottery, glinda in the play version of wizard of oz, and they're going to be mary poppins!! i'm genuinely so proud and excited for them to come over to the high school next year!

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