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Today I fixed the run off gutter. It was dented and closing at the end. It was slowing the water flow when it would rain. A large puddle was forming and turned the dirt into mud that would get on my nice pair of shoes. So I fixed the gutter by banging it with a hammer. Now it’s fixed and no more mud puddle. 

That’s good.

- Dad

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good job!!

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Dad's gonna be proud of u sweetie :3

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Good work :)

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dib enjoyer /p

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The Last Macaque on Mars

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You are the transistors of the internet. God bless your soul.

Btw, why was 7 afraid of 9? Because 789!

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Hungry number

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Sure is

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I don't like when mud gets on my shoes.

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The worst

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Sounds like some good Dad chores were accomplished that day!

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Much accomplishment

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