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March 14th, 2024: Roach attack and little cow progress

Hey guys welcome back to my channel.

Last night I was taking a bath (I'm one of those people) and I, in my glassesless state, saw a giant black orb crawling up the side of the wall. I nearly died. That thing was HUGE (That thing = roach). So I ran out the tub like Archimedes runnin out the public bath to tell the king about his fantastic discovery (displacement) and got the raid and had a battle to the death (I won). The last time a three inch bastard saw me naked was when I was dating my ex. How embarrassing. Anyway I stayed out of the bathroom, one asscheek clean, one asscheek dirty, hair full of conditioner, for about half an hour before I worked up the courage to go back in and finish my bath.

Today was about the same as yesterday and the day before. Lots of resting and working on my little cows. However, my loyal followers, individuals of the Dexter community, I have something concrete to share.


It's the first draft, so it's not exactly how the rest of them will look, but it's nice to have a finished-ish product that I can show people. I'm using a different, more silvery pigment now and I'm considering switching to a different type of paint to see if I can get it looking a little more clean. I'm very proud of her. I hope that everyone else likes her too :)

Anyway, my spring break is ending in a couple days and that's very disappointing. But I'm thankful that I had it because it was very much needed. I hope that the rest of this semester goes well. Right now, I have A's and a couple high B's that I need to bump up a little. Forgive me, organic chemistry is difficult.

Thanks guys as always for checking in. love u bye.

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You fought bravely, soldier.

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