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ppl who like gore are losers

THESE GORE ACC ARE SO DUMB LIKE BRO WE GET IT PEOPLE MAKE GORE FOR VIEWS AND MONEY OR TO MESS WITH PEOPLES MINDS!!! its so dumb making a whole acc devoted to pissing people off tbh ur just lonely and need attention so bad that u go out of ur way to make fucking gore acc and once it gets taken down u make another one!! like bro just give up bro like its so useless to even continue them. anyway this is so so dumb plus the mods aren't even doing their jobs to stop these people tbh to m it feels like their just ignoring it since its not gonna stop anytime soon HOLY FUCK THESE GORE BLOGGERS ARE SUCH LOSERS LIKE BRO GIVE UP NO ONE GAVE U LOVE AS A CHILD!!!! and its not just gore either bro same goes for rapists, pedos, racist ppl, and people against any sort of belief or sexuality ect like bro just quit life in general like there is no point of living anymore like just u existing is already bad enough. anyway ppl who like gore are weird in a bad way like bro stop spending ur time watching ppl die painfully while being in ur dacha emo "depressed" alpha male bad boy gacha heat phase like just get over it!!! we dont want u here so get outta here try to find validation in like 4chan or smt LMFAO

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