UNKILLABLE (ambo de 15 años is so happeee)

it's finally real, the zine i was working on along strong admirable people and frank iero is out. believe it ambo believe it. you've made it. and you're talking about your most vulnerable time alive and how u survived it listening to these guys. you made it alive. 

im an emotional mess rn i swear.... bear w me. 

if u wanna read it its here.

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omg congrats!! im so happy 4 u!! X3
creating something with so much heart, pulling from places so deeply personal can be difficult but rewarding. it looks amazing!!

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AAA thank you!!!! it really is like u said 8w8 its so amazing how we can create beautiful things from our worst times.. i feel like that's what makes life worth living

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agree 100%!! all my art is inspired by my life, sometimes written as a metaphor and sometimes more literal

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