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I was walking through the graveyard, on my grandmother's funeral, when the grief suddenly hit me. I broke down to the ground, and sobbed. I could not bear the death, of my beloved grandma, and it hurt me deeply. I looked at my phone, that was in my hand, and begun looking through the pictures of her and I hanging out, when all of a sudden, a notification pooped up. This is what it said. 

The Fog is coming

(2026-8:58AM-jun 12) 

      (Final warning) 

(Don't answer for anyone/anything) 

(Especially, crying children/screaming/yelling/people crying) 

The fog is coming

All at once, I had so many questions. What is this Fog? What will come? But it couldn't be real. I had, after all, just lost my grandma, so it could be some kinds spam just making me feel worse. I didn't know, and I didn't want to know what was coming. So I put my broken self back together, and walked back to my beloved grandmother's death bed.

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