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all my stamps :3 (Laufey music !!)

Update: i reset everything... by of april 13 (2024) there's a lot, warning u that it might lag.. all F2U btw!! you can js save any and import them in Catbox !!

FA06-DEAC-062-F-48-BA-B731-F453-DC61-E3-E0 cat stamp!  

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Hii, some of your gifs are hostes from discord.
Which is temporary, I'd suggest you to download and re host them!

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i did, and copied the link from discord so it should be okay??

by 🍓Adrii💫 (Autoplay); ; Report

I ment that discord deletes media files after a while.
So links just sotp working

by Arda.x; ; Report

ohhh, thank you for telling me ! :)

by 🍓Adrii💫 (Autoplay); ; Report