please help me just a bit

Tell me your thoughts on euthanasia. Can be just a sentence, word, opinion or long paragraph. i need brainstorming content for my 5 page essay about this.

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I think there are certain situations in which suicide is permissible. No one would take issue with a man who is mortally wounded and in horrific pain killing himself (except perhaps if they held a dogmatic philosophical or religious objection, which is a more complicated matter). The same goes for someone who expects to be captured and tortured, and knows he is likely to give away information that would harm others if that happens. Suicide may even be noble in these circumstances.

Of course, the state used to outlaw suicide, and in some countries, Britain, for example, victims of suicide were put on trial and, if found guilty, usually buried somewhere humiliating, like under a road. One comes to the conclusion that, if the state's vehement, legally-enforced objection to suicide was not a religious one, it must have been based in the idea of property: people are property of the state, and may not choose to destroy themselves any more than an airplane, an oil pipeline, or a tank.

But the state of affairs is almost completely reversed in the modern day. Rather, the state, as well as corporate forces, see suicide as a way of LIQUIDATING property that has become too cumbersome and too costly to maintain. This is the significance of state facilitated suicide.

If a man is dying of cancer, and is in horrible pain, he often has many choices of ways to die. A gun, or if that is unavailable, pills, and if those are unobtainable as well, slitting the wrists will often do. Contrary to what euthanasia advocates would have you believe, it is often very difficult to stop someone who really wants to kill themselves from doing it.

But a lot of the people who've opted for euthanasia in Canada, for example, don't really want to kill themselves. They simply can't afford to live anymore. Often, a man finds that the property that is his body has become too expensive for the state to maintain, and for himself. I heard somewhere that the two least common reasons given for euthanasia in Canada are pain and depression--the most common, debt. State and capital is encouraging those in debt to kill themselves.

I've known people who are sick and desire euthanasia; their argument usually follows that yes, they could just slit their wrists if they wanted to, but it would be traumatic for their families. They want to die with their loved ones around, and not cause them more suffering by dying in a brutal, messy way. This is fair, but the fact is that overall purpose of the state and corporate facilitation of euthanasia is to weed out the "economically unviable", the poor, etc. Suicide should not be illegal, but it should not easy, either.

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A really good movie on the topic (if you want something to quote especially) is Last Cab to Darwin

I don’t want to spoil anything, but much of the plot can be found online if you don’t want to watch it (but if you have you’ll understand what I mean)

I think the movies’ messaging (and it encapsulates my thoughts on the topic well) gears towards the fact that people should have the right to die peacefully, especially when faced with a guaranteed long drawn out death,
But they should also equally be given the resources to live as comfortably as possible until the end
Ultimately it’s their choice to make.

Also “dying with dignity” I believe was how it was put, and that’s probably as succinct as my opinion on euthanasia can be put

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I my country, it is considered a bad thing due to the religion
Islam, says that any illness is a test for you in the world and you'll be rewarded accordingly for your suffering in afterlife.

My opinion?
I think it really depends on the reason and it should be the last resort. I think I'll do it only if no painkiller ever stops the suffering or such. Live if you can.
First tests on how radioctivity effected people is an example of this.

The worker, who was exposed to radioactive material, kept alive for the sake of science. He literally begged to die due to pain being untolerable and no effective painkillers to stop it.

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narc !

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i think it should be legal in most countries. not sure of what side ur on but someone rlly gave me a great example on this, "would you rather be 90 year old, struggling with pain and agony everyday bc no one will kill you?"

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