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I need new earphones bruh

So originally I had two pair of earphones and a pair of headphones. I have two pairs because when my mom gave me her old phone (she got a new one) it was one that didn’t have a headphone jack so I had to find one compatible with mine. A few days ago and only the right side was working, the left side just stopped working out of nowhere one morning. TODAY, I sit down on my bed to do hw and plug in the other pair of earphones into my iPad which has a headphone jack but surprise surprise one side cracked open to reveal it’s shell thingy and I wouldn’t risk fixing it cuz it looks like a whole hazard to me. So now I’m stuck with my bulky headphones that are inconvenient to wear cuz I can’t use them when lying on my side on my bed. But hey maybe it’s a good thing considering it’s Ramadhan rn and I should probably start listening to music less for the month and maybe just in general because boy oh boy do I like checking my stats

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