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is it just me or is this place just kinda sad?

I think nostalgia is a nice feeling but i think its important to move on and not dwell in the past so much. Seeing these 18 year old kids pretty much fantisize about "life in the 2000s" even though they (and I) were either toddlers or not even born yet during that era just feels a little sad and misguided to me. Thoughts?

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I think its because of how all the other social media platforms are almost identical.
Scrolling for hours and brainrotting.
Also the fact that you can customize anything to express yourself betterand interact with ppl easier than the other platforms
appetizes people.
Haven't seen much people sign up here just for "Omg such nostalgia11!".

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Thats kinda a lot of what ive been seeing but ur right

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