Just a little story to tell

It was night and she was walking through the hallways of her house, nervously looking around feeling as if someone was watching her but there was no one since she lived alone. Finally reaching her destination, she stares at the door as if something would happen if she opened it, she stayed for a while watching and thinking until she finally opened the door and quickly turned on the light. In front of her was the empty bathroom looking in the mirror, she saw herself and no one else, only her. She quickly did what she had to do and returned the way she came, at no time did she stop feeling watched but there was no one else in the house only her. 

In her mind she thought that something was probably wrong that everything was very quiet and that worried her but again they were just thoughts. When she got to her room she didn't think twice and lay down on her bed feeling calm, she felt as if nothing there was going to hurt her, as if all her worries would disappear, but her heart was still heavy and her thoughts continued, although there It was easier to ignore them. 

It took her a while but she finally managed to fall asleep, calm and ignorant, she didn't know how “something” came out of her shadow.

(It’s late and I’m tired but this idea didn’t let me sleep)

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