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feeling icky

Greetings loved ones... lets take a journey [California Gurls is stuck in my head]

hello internet,

my life is so boring oh my god. so basically my cats are fighting each other, which makes me so RAH. Anyways so i was sick last week, so i couldn't go to work or my second job where i teach little kids how to dance, its literally so sweet they don't have any cares in the world. Anywho and because of my main job, sometimes i cant go to my second job, and because i was sick last week, i haven't been there for like 3 weeks. [thats the context for my story] SO today was my first day back at teaching, and one of the little girls, and this one girl was the last to arrive, she's loud and so fun lol. so she walks in and it minding her business and stops dead in her tracks when she sees me she runs over to me, to hug me and says "you're back!!" then she hugged me. it honestly made my whole day. She then spent the whole lesson by my side it was so sweet. 

I turn 18 in like 10ish days and i'm so excited... might get a tattoo i don't know tho, probably not i don't want to make a dumb decision [get something that i don't actually want] But if i don't do that imma get my helix pierced. Im also gonna dye my hair next week too.

Anywho, thats whats up

Krys XD

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Omg that was so sweet of her. Im glad u had such a good interaction.

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yes ikr 🫠

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