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Hi ^^ Short little intro entry

Guess I'm finally doing this HIII ^_^ I'm Bindigoat. My normal person name is Bailey but you can call me whatever you want.

I'm 20 years old, lesbian, genderqueer, therian, furry, and autistic. I'm currently a painting/drawing student in college and my work (which I'll hopefully get around to sharing here) almost exclusively features animals and nature and stuff. Otherwise it's probably fanart X)
In addition to painting and drawing I also really love sewing (particularly fursuit and plush making), felting, taxidermy, collecting stuff, and 2000s/2010s internet nostalgia.

My more fandom-y interests are portal, half life, warriors, mlp;fim, gregory horror show, cookie run, and some other stuff I'm probably forgetting.

Thnx for reading, it's nice to meet you :)

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narc !

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hows the art classes? ^^

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Good usually!!! My art has changed so much!

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omg can i see :O

by narc !; ; Report