I see myself in your downfall and I constantly pray for your approval, I wait by the same light lit door everyday just to see that the mass is in agreement with the way I am looking for you in myself. I pick apart the pieces of you that scream commercial and I die when you do. I have aligned what is right by your words and what is wrong by the things you do. It isn't the silver screen or the way that it cracks and screams at the mention of our continued delusion, it's the cameras! It's the lights and how they blind me, and it's the music that is engraved in my mind. I am more than interested in the way you do things, your presentation is how I desire to exist and I only care for the way you confuse my longing face for just another step on the way to all-star fame. I judge people for the same things you do, but when you do them it's brave. I ignore the parts of the past I don't like, and I adore when you refuse to show your true face. The way you abuse the receptors in your mind that makes me fall more in love, I ignore those you support because your words are more than enough. I judge you by your intentions and never your actions, speak life into what I do and I'll make more alters to the path you leave behind. Your voice rings in my mind and I am always a half beat off when following your advice. I'm a fan, and you can't leave stardom behind.

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i really love this.

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i love this (★‿★)

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wow this is very inspiring

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Thank you

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WOW! Amazing, me loves it (♡ヮ♡)

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I gave 2 kudos, keep up the good work ^_^

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Thank you!!

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