Amidst the woods, where shadows softly sway, A girl wanders lost in the fading day. Her clothes mere tatters, her bones exposed, Hunger grips her, her strength decomposed.

Through the tangled maze of trees she roams, Each step a struggle, each breath a groan. Her skin kissed by the moon's pale light, A ghostly figure in the dead of night.

Her once vibrant eyes now hollow and dim, Echoes of a life now growing thin. No solace found in the whispers of leaves, Only the chilling wind that grieves.

Her frail form bends beneath the weight, Of endless hunger, a merciless fate. And as she stumbles, her strength gives in, Her weary journey finally meets its end.

In the heart of the forest, where silence reigns, She lays down her burden, her final pains. No more to wander, no more to strive, In the embrace of death, she finds her hive.

The forest mourns with a solemn hush, As nature claims her, returning to the lush. But her memory lingers, a tale untold, Of a girl lost in the woods, forever cold.

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Beautiful work, my friend. You certainly have a talent <3

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