Feeling childish and silly🦈

Have you ever felt childish, immature or anything like that? 🧍

Lately I feel like I'm not growing and I'm not talking about height, if you have older siblings maybe you've felt the sensation of being left behind... I am the little kid of the family, I remember that when I was 7 years old my brothers were already in high school and they didn't want to play with me anymore, that's what I feel now. 

Right now I'm 17 years old and I still feel childish, I mean, my brothers are about to find work and I play with stuffed animals, I do my homework yes, but I feel like I'm still very... Immature... 🥲

One of my brothers said that people never stop being a child, but there are still other things that make me feel different and silly... 🧍

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