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so chase and I both snuck out last night bc we wanted to check and hunr for demons. and it ended terribly. Here is the story on how me and chase had both gotten hurt because of a demon.

so it was all just a rainy night and me and chase were feeling like we wanted to do BAD things. So we both texted to say meet at the woods to go demon hunting and to catch a demon. So we both set out and I put on my raincoat that looked like the starlight sets raincoat and chase put on his EMO hoodie.. 

So we both met at this tree and we both said hi and talked a but and started messing around and goofing off and then chase said "LOOK OUT!!!" there was a big scratch mark on the tree. we new that the demon was near so we went deeper into the woods..

the rain was getting heavier and and started seeing footprints. then we heard this sound


it was getting really late and me and chase we getting cold and scared and also we were lost so we set out to make a shelterr chase had a lighter in his pocket because he was emo so we made a fire and made a stick hut

but we were to scared to sleep


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