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Games I've been playing

So these past months i've gotten and have been playing many games so i wanna share those games

I've started Persona 3 Portable on my computer along with Persona 4 Golden! Following along with the Persona series ive been playing Persona 5 Royal on my nintendo switch and Persona Q on my 2ds so my free time has been filled with a lot of persona lol

Moving on from persona and on to games made by nintendo!! I got Splatoon 3 for christmas so i've been playing that with an online friend. More recently i revisited my pokemon X save and i got pretty far into it! Im stuck on the elite four lol but that's not bad i'm not in a rush to finish it. 

Ive also been playing pokemon sun and it's given me quite a challenge with how tough some of the fights are! I would go into some detail with where im at in the game but im stuck in a pretty spoiler heavy area.

That's all the games for now!! if it wasnt obvious i tend to start a lot of games but never finish them.. its a habit i need to break tbh but its fun many games at once lol

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I got to block 2 in tartarus and then instantly died in the first fight (i was alone)

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