After years of being on the platform, I've decided to finally quit.
Why, you may ask? Because, my attention span is so fucked up that I can't even watch POP TEAM EPIC without taking breaks.. POP. TEAM. EPIC!!

Okay, maybe I might return to the platform to post videos, but thats a HUUUGE maybe!
I feel like I'm going to start posting on youtube more instead, just like before.
I feel very bad for quitting, especially since I have over 3.5k followers but..

Oh well!

I have about five more videos in my drafts that I'll be posting, but after that, Its done and over with. I won't be like, deleting my account due to having some friends but.. yk. I won't be as active.

I'm also leaving because it feels like everytime I go on there, I get bombarded with hate comments, because people think I'm a proshipper when.. I'm not?
I'm not even a comshipper!

In other words, it feels like my aesthetic is always hated on because of some stereotype tiktok users placed on it..

I mean, I have postings saying "dni proshippers" because it makes me uncomfrotable, and people STILL harrass me in my messages saying 'I have a proshipper art style'..



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