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guys wanna see my kinlist

im a fictionkin so take this with a grain of salt

nikolai gogol


kennith simmons

dazai osamu

tsukasa tenma

mene tame

mitsuba sosuke

lucian abbot

kel (omori)

callie cuttlefish

pearl houzuki

tamari khalid

cakey (aoapp)


infected (regretevator)

ena shinonome

karkat vantas

nepeta leijon

"why is your kinlist so long" BECAUSE IDK WHO I AM 

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⚝ ミく .

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so eel :( :brokenheart:

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too many characters 2 keep track of!! º • .(>A<). • º

by Aloha; ; Report

ugh.....same dude!!!!!!!!

by ⚝ ミく .; ; Report