Nostalgic Depression...

Nostalgia is a form of mourning and Nostalgic Depression is mourning non-stop from what no longer is...

People say nostalgia is idealizing the past but I think when it comes to the 90s, in particular... it actually came from idealizing the future and this idealized future never saw the light of day.Β 

It's almost as if our social engineers spent time in the 90s projecting the cheesy, simple and easier times onto the future instead of recognizing it for what it was in the present. This created this utopia like feeling for those of us who were alive during the time ...even as children. Feeling that feeling over again through the music, movies, commercials and more recreates the exact impression.

I feel like we were sold a dream that never came to pass.

We were told cars would be flying and that we would be interacting with aliens and these idealizations were married with the simple and cheesier times of the 90s, creating a false projection of how the future would feel like.Β 

Smart phones were bound to be part of the equation but honestly, I don't feel as though smart phones are what ruined society. I think it's the way in which these phones were utilized and the direction society started being engineered in the mid 2000s through music and culture.

As time went on, wholesome shows like full house and family matters started being replaced by reality television, for example. The 2010s is where this new societal reality reached its peak. Now, in the 2020s, things have calmed down but have gone dead.Β 

What used to be upstanding black culture, has now been replaced with ghetto and ratchet culture.

Β Shows like the fresh Prince and Family Matters were replaced with trashy shows like love and hip-hop and so forth. So, ratchet TV and behavior has now become the face of black culture. When people accuse me of not liking "black" things, what they really mean is me not participating in current black culture. It`s not the culture I grew up with and I don`t want anything to do with it because I believe it`s a mental trap.

Meanwhile, if you look at how black people presented themselves in music in the 60s - 90s, (aside from Gangster Rap) - black artists were more versatile, doing different genres of music like electro, country, rock , r&b and rap.Β 

These days, when artists do that sort of thing, it kind of comes off as contrived...although I commend the few who are trying to branch out and are brave enough. It just no longer feels organic, anymore and I think this is what people mean by the term "woke".Β 

White people were allowed to do rap without race being such a high focal point.Β 

Don't get me wrong,- race was always brought up... but these days, it's being pushed in an inorganic matter. Social media also doesn't help in pushing the minds of the people in a certain direction and mainstream news has gotten much worse with their propaganda.

Mainstream news now works very hard to anger white and black people against each other and the masses fall for it.Β 

There was even a genre that emerged in the late 90s that merged a rap and rock style...sometimes referred to as Nu Metal.Β 

Now, it seems as though nothing is done organically anymore. Humans forgot they were human somewhere in the late 2000s and the 2010s is where it all start going downhill.Β 

Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, vine and all of these social media apps centered around being perfect and viral started ruining humanity's core creativity, originality and authentic uniqueness.Β 

Places like Myspace and the old version of YouTube were safe for people to fully express themselves through their own creativity by customization, recording vlogs, being able to discuss anything and so forth. Nowadays, people are having "outrage" about everything. If the outrage was real, where was it in the past?Β 

People underestimate the power Hollywood has had over the world. Music especially has the capacity to subtly impact our outlooks and our language. It's where a lot of slang and certain words come from...movies as well.

Hip hop has long gone out of the window, since the middle of the 2000s. Hip-hop was about saying something important but of course it got buried alive. The social engineers of our society wants the collective brain of the masses so they can continue turning it into mush, discouraging originality, creativity and true free thought.Β 

And The majority of white artists who did Rock music went underground. The music industry isn't missing white artists but a specific type of white artist. It almost feels like, aside from Pop and (country, which isn't mainstream enough), white people just gave up music...mainly white men.Β 

Now that I think about it, men gave up altogether. Not even black men are sticking to the original formula. They all either sound like Drake or Young Thug.Β 

There's no longer any balance in the music industry.

Β Either you listen to pseudo rap or generic pop music that has no catchy melodies anymore.. oryou're listening to someone who is trying to recreate the past or you're listening to the past.Β 

I see the life of society as a timeline. It went uphill, finally reached its peak between the 70s - the early 2000s and then started sliding back downhill towards the late 2000s and it's sad as hell to watch.Β 

We are never get

ting that feeling back...and it makes me depressed.

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