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Why am I not allowed to eat someone?

I think that there should not be any reason I can't eat someone. Or someone could eat me. It only seems natural, I don't get why we disallow it. Not fair, honestly.

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cannibalism isn't illegal depending on where you live, getting the meat is though

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Well, I feel like that shouldn't be an issue if the victim is willing. I know a few people.

by Angel; ; Report

i heard that something like this happened once, the cannibal and the victim both consented but the guy went to prison anyway :/

by VoyeN; ; Report

Unfortunate. I just won't be caught, then!

by Angel; ; Report


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prion disease

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Is only an issue if you consume an infected brain. I do not want to eat someone's head open.

by Angel; ; Report


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eat me

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Gladly <3

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