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My favourite monster flavour

Valentine's Day Arrow Through The Heart

I've been drinking energy drink for a long time, Maybe too long haha. but I'm just writing a post about my favourite new flavour of Monster... Strawberry dream, this is the best energy drink I have ever tried, and I was just wondering whats everyone else's fav? JdYSMpd



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ohh the strawberry is a good flavor!

im more of a peach rehab, and mango flavors 🦇

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Monster Ultra Rosa is my go to. I have no idea what it's, like, supposed to taste like, but it's pink and it's incredible.

Runner up are the oat milk coffee ones, but apparently those are discontinued (◞‸◟ㆀ)

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Whaaat? Runner up sounds so cool! where I live we only have the java ones :( really sad when they discontinue a good product.

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