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  • Nicknames: dame, dingy, the Prodigy
  • Gender: male
  • DOB: ?
  • Sexual Orientation: pansexual
  • Relationship Status: afraid
  • Occupation: unemployed, does 1-offs for money
  • Voice Claim: this fucking guy


  • Age: indeterminable (appears 28?)
  • Species: demon
  • Race: mixed ?/black
  • Body-type: heavier-set, but built --->
  • Height: fluctuates (usually very tall)
  • Weight: fluctuates (usually muscular, so dense or heavy)
  • Complexion: about halfway to dark-skinned
  • Hair: bright white, tinted very slightly blue
  • Eyes: yellow, dilate much like a cat's (one is always thinner than the other)
  • Scent: aftershave and warm amber.
  • Handedness: left
  • Scars: large scar curling around left pectoral, smaller scar curling around right pectoral, one diagonal scar down right hip starting at bellybutton-level and exceeding v-line, two scars decorating each arm, two scars on right leg and one on left.
  • Tattoo(s)/Piercing(s): both nostrils pierced with a nose chain, two earlobe piercings, and two sets of cartilage rings. cross tattoos on both biceps.
  • Strength/Reflexes:
  • Supernatural Abilities: manifestation, thought manipulation, ability to float, understands most languages (earth languages), low tier shapeshifting (height, weight, hair & fingernail growth)
  • Diseases/Disabilities: fear of god


Damien, pre-reincarnation, was a valiant, brave, and foolhardy warrior, the son of the real Satan, Lucifer Lovegood, and was known for his many legends and efforts to push back the bastards from "the Upstairs" trying to invade and malform his hellish home. And deep down, if comfortable, he's still that same man, looking for his old friends and only finding bones and fleeting feelings of deja vu seeing the descendants of whom he used to love.

However, being forced among humans has taken a toll on his bravery. The world is not the same as he knew it, and despite his burning rage against the man who took his and his father's life, he doesn't want to change the way life has become, or the way Hell is run. Automatic vehicles, locomotives, computers, video games... He believes he'd be unfit to rule. Especially when he seems to know so little, and his heirs seem to know so much.

What is there to do but wallow, and only speak when spoken to or desired?


Damien was trained his entire life to be a proud warrior, a glorious leader, and a respectable man by none other than his father, Lucifer, who created him in his own image. His mother unknown, he never knew what to miss of female caretaker. He fought in a handful of wars by only 18, his father beside him, until his father found someone new. A man named Amadeus who yearned for power, but hid it under the disguise of love. And that power that came above the one he supposedly loved quite easily.

After returning home from a valiant effort, Damien found Lucifer dead, being devoured by none other than the incubus-like freak, Amadeus, who his father trusted. And not long after, he lost his life all the same.

The only pieces that remained of the soldier were used in Amadeus' efforts to make a new son, a new warrior, named Judas. Unfortunately, that tied a heavy, unruly string to the imp's wrists; especially due to the fact that Judas' creation was considered a failure, leaving him to be locked in the room of creation with these parts until he was bodily 14 years of age, unknowing of the soul within him.

It was only years later, after neglect, rediscovery, and an average day at home when the soul of the warrior had been reborn in the body of Amadeus' son, only able to escape through a violent sequence of vomiting which practically left the demon a skin on the floor for a length of time.

Damien's only dream is revenge and prosperity.


This section will only include RP related encounters/relationships. Characters who have never interacted with this character will NOT be included! Will be updated by encounter (hopefully).

JUDAS: Technically his blood descendant, in an odd, strange way, Damien tries his hardest to mentor this one-- especially so, since he's the only one who can even control Judas anyway.

ANGEL: Who knew the more perfect version of his descendant didn't even need warrior parts? Embarrassing... He enjoys Angel's air of queenly grace.

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