RP account introoo//ooc

heyoo!! i'm mayoi/lucas!! i'm a huge fan of enstars and rhythm games in general!! i'm a minor and would prefer not to interact w/ adults, sorry

so heres a quick explaination + rulebook for interacting w/ this rp account!

What's an RP account?

- A roleplay account is where someone plays as a character, and when you interact with them, they will respond as that character. If they tag something as OOC, or Out Of Character, it means they're speaking as themself!

Rules for Interacting with me

- I won't roleplay shinomayo, hiimayo, or any ship similar. I'm personally a tatsumayo shipper, so expect that sort of content. I'm neutral on nikimayo, but I don't know how to roleplay it, sorry

- Do not claim you're "me irl" or anything like that. I like fictkinners, and I AM one myself. i don't care about doubles or anything, but it frustrates me a bit

- If you're gonna be mean to me as a joke, tag it or explain your tone when asked, i'm autistic and tones are hard for me to understand

- You may DM me, but don't ask for any personal things


- I block freely, sorry if you get blocked

- All roleplayers welcome to interact with me!!

And that's about it, thank you!

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