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 I can't do anything without shame. Im always tired or on my bed. I don't like the people, that's why i don't talk with them. I hate go with the psychologist, there's only questions, and that shit doesn't help me.

Everyone its better than me, i don't have any peculiarity, abilities or something. no matter how hard i strive, i will always just an edgy and cringy teenager. Im just nobody, nothing helps me to get better now, i just want to die tomorrow or today. 

I just want friends, but i don't like the people. All of my friends stops talking with me, they doesn't include me, they ignore me and more shit like that. Im tired of the people being SOOOOOO mean with me, what i did to deserve that?

The people thinks that im a weirdo, just bc im like i am. So, i need to accept that i need to be like everyone and be nobody to fit in the society? 

Bavdhsjf forget that shit, that was what i was thinking like a while ago, now is the motherfucking present, I DON'T NEED TO BE NOBODY TO FIT IN THE FUCKING SOCITY. IM LIKE I AM AND THAT, BUAHAHAHAHAHA 

im so silly.

See ya :D

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