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✍🏼 about &. things ☻

jovi  she/her

📍 white
📍 cis (?)
📍 bisexual
📍 adult (+25)

♡ bi4bi (mostly)
♡ femme4butch (mostly)
♡ i have an amazing bf ♡


✿ i <3 you ✿

IMs are open to everyone but pls be normal (and 18+)

no dni but you should know

under 18 do not send me a friend request !

i <3 trans women, terfs &. "gender critical" or whatever stay away

^ similarly ppl who believe in transmisandry/transandrophobia stay tf away

♡ blm, free palestine, fuck cops, a dead fascist stays quiet, etc !

i <3 the block button

one more thing: hey kids enjoying a taste of the old web ^_^ ! this place can be super fun and a great way to make friends, BUT! stop listing every detail about yourself, especially your triggers and your various mental illnesses. IT IS NOT SAFE ONLINE! PROTECT YOURSELF!

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