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bus the sequel

bus journey was WILD today

at college i was helping out with an art group that come in every week and this week they were painting and i got green paint on my white jumper :[
i tried to wash it off and had to go like, 5 minutes after i'd done that so my sleeve was really soggy

i get on my bus (it got there 10 mins late)
3 stops later, someone gets on the bus and starts arguing with the driver and i didnt notice at first because i was listening to loud music on my earbuds and i just assumed the yelling was part of the song (i am very stupid)

i looked up and saw two people shouting and yelling with the bus driver and idk what about because again, earbuds
anyway they get on the bus and sit down. the bus driver pulls out his phone, calls the bus dept, calls the police and then we were sat there for like, 20 mins before he announces that he's shutting down the bus.

this one woman goes to talk to the driver and he says there should be another bus soon so everyone just gets off the bus and stands at the bus stop to wait

while i was waiting (sleeve still soggy) i could hear the people still arguing on the bus and i honestly have no clue what it was about

the next bus shows up and i get on though. 
near to my stop, the person 2 rows in front of me starts violently throwing up into a bag.

i need to learn to drive.

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girl our county wild, welcome to the car club

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the thought of driving actually stresses me out so bad though omg
i think about it and then i feel like ive had a years supply of caffiene all at once lmao the heartrate GOES

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stalling my mums car on the big hill funny

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