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Orientation and The Relation to Gender

Not sure what category to put this in, sorry! I feel like a lot of queerphobic, usually transphobic, people tend to read blogs so I'll set some ground definitions. Gender is inherently a social construct. Gender does not relate to sex, as it's the social and cultural relation to what people associate with people perceived as a certain sex. Anyways, moving on, this is more a reassurance blog before I log off :)

Orientation and attraction is often, though not always, related to someone's perceived or identified gender. If gender can be complex, contradictory, and not always able to be contained in one term, then orientation is inherently the same, since they're often interlinked for people. Orientation labels, like gender labels, are made to be bent and used for ones own personal comfort, to say otherwise is inherently hypocritical. If you feel like something fits you and is comfortable, take pride in it and use it, regardless if it's a microlabel, combination of multiple labels, or perceived as contradictory. Your relation to gender and orientation is unique, beautiful, and no one has the right to tell you what labels you're allowed to use. Have fun ❤

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