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heya!!!! long time no see, I forgot bout this place loler!!

I've been so happy, I just started school!! I had the best time at school with my friends, since we can sit together!! we've been drawing so much and im just so happy to see them!!

my first thought was to make fun of one of my classmates because I dont like him, but now we cant use our phones so I cant take photos of him!!! might just use old photos of him (which isnt that bad, he'll be embarassed either way)

I just kinda started hating on him cuz he smellin bad and crushin on my friend which is gross!! I hope he dissappears.

well anything but that, I've been listening mainly music by albums, which im very proud of!! I think my two main favorite artist rn are Kanye West and Tyler, The Creator. they're both so cute and I love them and their music!!! ^_^ 

from kanye, I've listened to most of his albums BUT 808s & Heartbreak, Vultures 1, Kids See Ghosts and Donda. might listen to them someday. I even listened to Late Orchestration, which wasnt bad, I really liked it!

from tyler, I've listened to IGOR, Goblin and Wolf. I really liked those!

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