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Pokemon Z-A starter ideas

So most people think that the grass starter may be Grookey or Snivey, the water starters either Popplio or Piplup, Scorbunny or litten as the starter ideas. and some refrence art makes people think A LOT that the starters will be Grookey, Squirtle, and Torchic will be the starters because of the Tweet on X and I think i'll be fine with that and can agree. Thats all I know of for now. I'd honestly be fine with these ideas. Snivy, Scorbunny, Piplup. Snivy, scorbunny, Popplio. Grookey, Torchic, Squirtle. Snivy, Litten, piplup or any other combonations JUST PLEAZ POKEMON TELL US!

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I doubt the starter pokemon will be ones that already have megas in their final evos. It'd be so they can give the starters new megas without throwing off the balance for them.

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