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Thinking about surgery....very spooked

I haven't been talking about it publicly much, but for the last year and a bit ive been having constant trips to a hospital to try and help with one of the 10 billion diseases my body is riddled with and for this one in particular they've finally decided that the best way to deal with it will be to have surgery. I was totally fine w this but now im getting closer and closer to the date im terrified... 🥲
It's really not even that big of a deal, its a relatively tiny surgery- it's just scary because i've never been under anesthesia before and i don't know how my body will react to it. They want to keep me at the hospital for a while after the surgery to make sure ill be okay, i hope they give me a private room for that time x_x being in one of the big wards would be really really overwhelming after all that.

I wish i knew how to stop being scared about it!! It's not like the doctors don't know what they're doing, & ive been getting healthier anyway so i think i will survive just fine. It's just the fact that im gonna be put to sleep without me having control over it that scares me i guess. Having a lack of control is so scary.. if anyone has some good tips on how to make myself less anxious abt surgery/or share some nice stories abt how u were fine for ur own that'd be super appreciated!!

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