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Age Difference

Obviously with SpaceHey being advertised as an all-ages social site, you're going to see a mix of adults and minors running around. With me being an adult who grew up on the internet, I'm very happy to see kids have fun with website customizing and meeting people their age with similar interests.

But I will say, the large amount of minors on here and barely any adults that are willing to really talk to each other is underwhelming. I would've thought that a good crowd of people, especially in their 30s and 40s, would be populating this place to relive their days of teenhood. But it does seem like minors are gully taking charge of everything.

I don't mind it too much since it's nice to see kids and teens feel safe somewhere online, but it does become awkward being im your early 20s and seeing someone you think you could be friends with, only to learn they're super young compared to you and sometimes they have it in their DNI that they don't want people over 18 interacting with them. I love that they're setting boundaries and curating their space online, but I really wish the adults on this site were more vocal and approachable.

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Yeah, finding people around my age is very hard. Too many damn kids, ugh... but likewise I'm not really interested in talking to people 30+ either. At this point I'm close to giving up lol

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i don't really mind talkin to any adults that are pass their 20s, as long as they're decent people and have similar interests as me i'll vibe with pretty much anybody. i've never had a problem with specific age groups because not every person who i've had conflicts with were the same age. i try to keep it open. but i do understand wanting to steer clear of that in case you run into weirdos.

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Personally I haven’t had the best experience with older people, I feel as if they’re too judgmental, well, at least in my experience. And even an 18-19 year old seems too young at my age. Either way I’m very picky with who gets to be my friend.

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completely fair and i understand!

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ım not that old myself but also i really dont wanna be talking to 13 year olds here, internet has been here for long enough to ppl to realise its not really a safe place so them setting age limits are very normal at this point, also i saw a lot of predtors here. but i think u can still find like minded ppl here regardless of age, maybe making it apparent that ur just here for the fun will make things easier

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yeah, it's not as if i wanna be extremely close friends with people that young. more just treat them like buddies that you can talk with casually about the tings you enjoy.
and yeah, i'm sure it's not too hard to find people around our ages who enjoy what we enjoy, just gotta dig a lil deeper than normal.

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