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nonsense word vomit about wilbur soot

because of how many people are talking about what he did, along with how serious it is, i literally can't stop thinking about it.

like, you look up to someone for 4 years (parasocial i know), both because of just how he was and how open he was about his aromantic experience (not saying he is but the themes of his songs n stuff). not only that, but also watching him as escapism to make it through my own abusive household.

and he turns out to be a piece of shit <33

i can only imagine how much of a slap in the face it was to people who were actually friends with him. i spent like two straight days just in disbelief of it all. insane. at the very least im happy shelby's story is being taken seriously and validated (for the most part). its just such a dissonance between what he portrayed online and what she was telling. the fact that not only did he just not prioritize her over friends and himself, but that he said he wanted to 'see how rich and famous he could get'?? like???

anyways fuck lovejoy fuck wilbur soot and fuck will gold

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Honestly, it's such a contrast to his online persona!! I was a big fan of Lovejoy but I wasn't all that invested with specifically Wilbur so maybe I'm misinterpreting certain things but he seemed like a guy who focused a lot on mental health (I liked his solo songs due those themes) and caring about others so when it was revealed how he actually was....
Like, I'm just disappointed in the guy. Angry as well, obviously, because he did terrible shit, but like...dude....shouldn't you especially have the basic human decency to respect consent and the wellbeing of others????? It's so hypocritical!!!
don't even get me started on that "apology" and his talk of mental health there.

I'm proud of Shubble for bringing light to all of that. Also sending my condolences to her for having to put up with that fucker and his actions

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