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I just watched the Barbie Movie and it's Meh

     First let me say that I very much quite enjoyed the movie and I found it to be very funny but definitely not something I would watch again though. I am only writing as some nobody online who just wants to share her thoughts with some parts of the movie.

     Whenever I want to watch a movie I don't want to spoiler myself whatsoever so I can come in with no expectations and not feel disappointed but sadly I couldn't escape the advertisements and videos people made on tiktok about the movie. The way some of the women writing how good the movie is, it kinda set me up for high expectations. I was full on expecting myself to have some deep profound new awaking about being woman in this cruel world but i left with the same thoughts that most women had already thought of by the time they have hit puberty.

The rest of this is just my thoughts while watching the movie

<---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------->               - The whole mattel thing was kinda unnecessary to me(especially the chase scene), it was just wasted screentime that could've been used on rekindling the mother and daughter's relationship. I say this because by the time the CEO and his group got to barbie land later in the movie it was practically already over and the barbies have already restored everything back to place. The use of showing the company was honestly an excuse to show Barbi's legitimacy of being THE BARBIE and not some crazy lady that Sasha thought she was. But like what was said earlier, the guys from Mattel just ended up being wasted screentime with really no purpose beside proving that barbie is who she says she is and pushing the girls to go to Barbie Land but I honestly think the writers could've come up with a different idea    

    - Going back to a point I made earlier is that the audience dont really get shown too much of the mother and daughter's relationship rekindling. Sasha and her mother only started bonding when they both agreed they need to help barbie save barbie land and that's where the problem lies. The movie focuses too much on barbie and less on Sasha and Gloria, and yes I know the title of the movie is literally called barbie and it is centered around her but I was hoping for more screentime between the the mother and daughter.

    - Also who lets two grown adults walk around a middle school during school hours and NO ONE gets suspicious?????

    - What were the mattel guys gonna do if letsay Barbie stayed in the box? ship her over to Barbie Land? or keep her in the locked away

     - The look on Ken's face when he saw that barbie was hurt was honestly so infuriating. Yes I know that the kens were overlooked in barbieland and his feelings shouldn't be overlooked but it doesn't excuse him to hurt barbies feelings, as if she would go back to him after feeling the hurt that he inflicted upon her but the emotion that she felt were more of betrayal because he brainwashed all the barbies to exist for the kens and TOOK HER FUCKING HOUSE GODDAMIT it doesn't get even more frustrating from then

    - depression barbie is so real, I would buy that lowkey

    - Gloria speech was great and all but what could've been a more effective way of doing instead of saying one single line to each of the barbies they needed to broadcast it on the Tvs, radios, and through megaphone. I also say this because none of the kens really learned why what they did was wrong and how the women really have it. i know its not a perfect world but this is literally barbie land so she should've been able to do that and see the kens regretfulness and see the damage that the kens did 

   -  we didn't really need a "I'm just ken" song but its not bad, Im only saying this because for a part of the movie it feels like it was geared more for guys i guess, idk it could just be me

   - Barbie is APOLOGIZING TO KEN BUT HE DOESNT ???? like wtf is that. like whatever dude just because you can't take a fucking hint and accept that barbie doesnt like you and feel under appreciated doesnt mean you gotta do ken land and brainwash all the barbies to exist for the guys just for you to be wanted. like he needs to grow some fucking balls because in the end he never got the girl anyway. sad  

  - also Barbie going to a gynecologist is really random to me, maybe I'm not getting it but I was surprised when she said that here i thinking she was doing her first job interview but i guess i was wrong.


Thats all I have to say about the movie besides the outfits being amazing and so is the soundtrack. All and all I quite enjoyed the movie and i would give it a 7/10

Bye bye ~~

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