what a werido

There's a dude at our table who literally got MAD that the lunch line didn't have burgers and that i got more pasta on my plate than his, he literally was cursing and getting upset over a BURGER, and then was ranting about it for so long, like dude just be grateful jesus christ.

Also, this is the same dude who eats so aggressively and sloppy it's gross, idk whats going on at home to make him so food obessive but i wish he and his other friend would go away somewhere else, they are so werid.

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man just really wanted that burger, cut him some slack

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ehh i guess so

by XxxBonnieJeanxxX; ; Report


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That person should try steamed hams

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i dont even wanna KNOW what that is

by XxxBonnieJeanxxX; ; Report

You should search "Steam Hams" on YouTube,it would be an unforgettable luncheon!

by Flowey; ; Report