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School is boring ☠

tell me why some dumb hoe in my art class kept taking my dr pepper bro 😭 He literally got paint on my ARM on PURPOSE. hes also best friends with the guy I like tho, so I have to deal with it </3

Dreading going to english class today because we have some dumb ass confusing project to do and our english teacher barely even explained what to do. 

Can't wait to go to history tho, that class goes by quickly and the teacher is chill

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It won't let me put the blinkies anywhere

by Beene; ; Report

LMAO nothing is theree
you can just send the links if you want, or try putting spaces inbetween the code haha

by Jojo (J dog); ; Report

If its easier for you, you can definitly just send them in DM if it doesnt work with just links, but I wanted them sent in a blog post/bulletin because I wanted to put them in while Im bored. You can def send them in dm tho if its easier for you <3

by Jojo (J dog); ; Report

I already tried that but its still blank :(

by Beene; ; Report

LMAO its you're comfortable you could post the blinkies to layouts

by Jojo (J dog); ; Report

I’ll see if it works

by Beene; ; Report

ok tyy

by Jojo (J dog); ; Report