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Does this look like a middle school to you??

TW lowkey a vent lol

Ok so- I was gone for a few days last week for the DECA state competition (more on that in another post) so I missed some school, not fully on topic but just wanted to preface with that. Mainly because when I'm around friends (roommates I stayed with for 3 days) I tend to stop masking, and it's difficult to turn that back on yk? Ok well in first period today (we also had monday and tuesday off, so we had a long weekend) me and one of my friends were working on a project. She needed my computer charger so i let her borrow it, but started (jokingly) picking on the way i store my charger. So i said something along the lines of "you aren't even undoing it right so don't make fun of the way it's wrapped" or smthn like that. About 15 seconds after I said it this kid (who picked on me all of last semester in our math class) repeats what i said in a mocking tone and then said something about how nobody fucking cares. Sir. First of all, do I look like I was fucking speaking to you? No? Exactly. Secondly, if you're going to try to bully someone, at least be fucking original. Like- your one to make fun of people with that fugly ass haircut. Genuinely his hair sticks up higher that the length of his forehead. Which is saying something because this kid has the worst five-head i think I've ever seen. anyways, all this to say. don't be a piece of shit<3

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Making fun of people is cringe. I´ll eat him (in a mean way).

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