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“I didn’t want to be like this- for us to be like this” Uno seethed as he walked away, away from the restaurant, away from Axel, away from this city, crossing the roads, the city lights framing him

“You think just saying you don't want to be here will magically make all your problems disappear?” Axel snapped, catching up to Uno, reaching out for Uno’s hand, before being bumped by another person, hissing as he held his shoulder he looked at Uno who was getting farther away from him,

He ran

It won't, to put it plainly he knew it wouldn't, Uno knew that he was for some reason just dragging it out, he was supposed to leave a year ago but he stayed anyway, for him, for Axel, and now the only reason he’d stayed he’s leaving behind, it felt wrong, it all felt wrong

The city lights had always been blinding, but now more so than ever, he looked back to see Axel pull through the crowd, still, he was reaching out for his hand–he ran.

Uno ran, he knew he wouldn’t be able to do it, he wouldn't be able to leave if he saw Axel’s face, he saw the tears on his cheeks his hands reaching out, and he heard Axel calling out to him

“Please don’t leave me-” he heard it, it was shaky and low but he heard it and he knew then that if he’d stayed even one second longer to see Axel’s eyes, it was always the same look

Desperate, sad, confused, fearful, pain all of it

He hated it, he always has

Cause in that moment, when Axel called out he found himself reaching out to Axel, ready to take him again but caught himself just in time, he ran until he couldn’t his legs giving out, he sat there on the side of some road, leading to God knows where

But for some reason he’d found himself crying, axels voice repeating in his head, but at the same time he knew if he came back he’d regret it all together, he’s here now and he has a chance to leave, leave the city, leave his shitty apartment, with his shitty job—leave Alex

her's arms

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