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rant about how poorly SEGA writes Shadow.

as a new-ish Sonic fan, at first i didn’t rlly know how BAD Shadow’s writing is in almost every game. And since i couldn’t play the games when i just got into the fandom, all i saw of him were just stuff from the shows (the scraps of him in Boom and Prime.) After i got more and more invested, i finally began to see how DIABOLICAL he became 🙏🙏.

the way Shadow starts off as a pretty deep and complex antagonist (NOT villian, the villian is Eggman, but he’s also written very well in sa2) but now Shadow is just kinda seen as some edgy bad guy who’s all alone and hates everyone. His last game sighting was in Forces (2017), and pretty sure he was okay-ish in there. The last actually good Shadow we got was all the way back in 2006. In alot of the more newer games he’s pretty horrible, ESPECIALLY in the sonic boom games.

honestly i just hope that SEGA won’t mess it up in the Generations remaster, and that Paramount will hopefully get Shadow’s character right, since the movie will just be more accessible to everyone, and it would be good to have Shadow represented well.

Sonic Prime did a pretty good job at Shadow’s character. Sure, he still gets called and an edgelord and actually doesn’t have any friends (even my girl Rouge left Shadow for the good guys like daymn 😭🙏) but what Prime does show, is that Shadow wants to help the world, instead of going against it.

Ya idk what the purpose of this rant was i just kinda like talking :3 SEGA BRING BACK 06 SHADOW PLEASE

Shadow originally: moves on from past, and chooses to protect the world instead becoming a villain/working with villains 

Shadow now: 

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