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spacehey mods after being useless

i hope they arent being paid lmao. and as for the creator why arent you doing anything about the constant spamming of weird depraved shit? you talk about all ur users but wont find more mods to go w the users? i think we should find a new website cause i dont see this lasting long 

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theres no we if u dont like this website or anyone on it honestly delete your account

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ur so mad lol

by ☥☥☥☥; ; Report

your mad enough to use the words "we"

by rapfirst; ; Report

oh pronouns how angry and mad i must be oh no i i did it again look its an I oh my gosh pronouns nooooo

by ☥☥☥☥; ; Report

also, youre.... sorry you might be too stupid to get that we is a pronoun and thats why i said that

by ☥☥☥☥; ; Report

you're, we and i dont mean the same thing, "we need to leave spacehey!" and "i need to leave spacehey!" are different, and only one is correct

by rapfirst; ; Report

its a figure of speech lmao keep crying because i told your spazzy friend to fuck off

by ☥☥☥☥; ; Report

i dont even know the fucking guy! i was literally calling them out

by rapfirst; ; Report