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what is happening

Hii, uh, I'm sure no one is going to read this or whatever, but. What is happening?? Yesterday I saw an account named 'children' with a dckpick on the profile photo, today, I saw like... Three accounts? Which were sending hate to a user named 'Axel', with the pic of an arm with a lot of cuts and blood.

Is this normal in these types of websites? It kinda creeps me out, to be honest. People are scary.

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I don't know how more it is on other sites but this is probably the 3rd wave of gore and porn accounts appearing. I dunno if the mods are all that attentive due to the fact it keeps happening but then again I don't have any ideas on what could be done other than a faster reaction

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Those persistent in wrong will find any means.

However, to counter them, do I suggest this.

Download UBlock Origin, and within it hover over the eye-dropper icon that reads "Enter element picker mode." Press it, then click the "cool new people section" of your homepage. Edit the code to appear as so "", then save.

UBlock nulls the code to display new accounts, thus lessening the probability of seeing such things on your homepage.

If you use the LibreWolf browser, UBlock Origin exists as default, and I would highly recommend as it is the least invasive of browsers.

As for those evils, merely taking advantage of the limited resources of this site. It was the project of a single programmer, and instead of relishing in such a triumph of the human will, instead they are attempting to tear down everything for the sake of their selfish pleasure. Best not to make anymore posts about the subject as it heightens the clout of the spammers by shifting the entire conversation of the site onto them.

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Alright, I won't make any post about this, I don't want this to turn onto something worst. Also, thank you so much for your suggestions! I might use the UBlock Origin, again, thank you so much.

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Yeah... Sadly there's alot of raids. They even put gore, it can became really triggering, i recommend to go offline till mods take their accounts down, they can be dangerous.

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Oww... it's sad to read it, but thank you for your recommendation! I'll get offline if I see lots of raids. Really, thank you so much. ♡

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No problem!! And yeah, also there's safe accounts here that have tips on how to get your mind off the raids when they are happening and stuff!! But yeah 3 stay safe and be careful :)

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