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my current favorite song, sulky baby by yeule ~♪

hello! i hope everyone is doing well~ i want to share with you all my current favorite song, which is sulky baby by yeule ~♪ (this is also the same song that plays when you visit my profile) ‹𝟹

sulky baby (闷闷不乐的宝贝) is alt-rock shoegaze, and was released in 2023. it was in my liked songs list for the longest time! i recently decided to look up the lyrics and upon reading the meaning and the artist's interpretation of it, i resonated with it so much and i grew to adore the song so much ‎♡₊˚

the artist explains that the song is like a love letter to their younger self, soothing that child and talking to them gently and sweetly to stop them from crying. yeule also talks about how they were called 'sulky' as a child, and was always asked to stop 'sulking' all the time - i relate to this so much! i was always asked to stop being pouty and sulk when i was a child... (。>﹏<)

i felt so emotional when i first listened to the song after reading what it meant to yeule and i feel soothed whenever i listen to the song now; and i hold it so close to my heart

you can read more about the song, and its meaning / significance to yeule here (*^ω^)♪

and please check out yeule's music if you like shoegaze / glitch pop / alternative rock! ♡ 

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木星 🦢‧₊˚.

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thank you for sharing this with us, its a lovely song to listen to with our rainy weather today. you have beautiful taste 🗝️⋆𐙚₊˚⊹

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thank you so much my sweet angel ♡ ₊‧⁺˖
i hope you enjoyed listening to the song, ilysm (∗˃̶ ᵕ ˂̶∗)

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