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Short Stories Collections

               (These are a Collection of some my Short Stories i've Written, regarding my                                                        Characters or Random's )

                                                   (This will be updated)

                                                   (        Sun Child     ) 


Damascena my dear…. please do not give up continue to smile bright as the Sun, as your warmth give you the strength to heal those around you.

Every sunset brings the promise of a new beginning the Sun will rise again so will you too. As for your the Sun Child!


                                                            (Garden Heart)

Gardenia walks through the garden when she notices the butterflies fluttering towards her

                                  Ma'am, the Night Five’s have reached the village.

Gardenia sighs when the butterflies inform her the celestial beings that were a threat to Humanity have reached the village where Gardenia visits.

                                               Ma'am, aren’t you concerned?

Gardenia chuckles. These Night Five’s are just a nuisance; their powers weaken during the day hours

Gardenia looked at her own reflection in the water with a gloomy smile, sighing in relief.

The village children were safe from the Night Five's attacks. 

Those pecky Night Five’s will be taken care of by Gardenia Butterflies.

                                                         Fly Fly Fly Away

                                                      My Dear Little Butterfly

                                                        Flutter your wings.

                                     For that, you can see the World for yourself.

                                                  Please protect Humanity.

                                                  (Ballet of a Broken Heart)

                                    Her Heart bleeds but the Show must go on.

                                    While she dances around in the Garden,

                                             Blood drips on the Flowers.

                                     Sounds of Applauses from Shadowy Figures 

            The Ballet smiled warmly and bowed as the Shadowy Figures continued to clap.

                                                  As Curtains rolled down.

                          The Ballet can only continue to dance after her death.


                                  Farewell my Dearest, as you return to the Moon.

                                    Watching down upon me from the Moon.

              The Moonlight to remind me your fever more tender love no matter how we                                                                      departed long ago. 

                                 Our love will always remain under the Moonlight.

                        Soon my Body will perish, then i be reunited with you once                                                                                                 again.

                                                          my Dearest.

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